Well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

Germiclean is engaged in the business of providing cleaning & sanitizing services to residential and commercial customers. For us out here, our customers are our lifetime partners, to whom we will deliver quality service consistently. Our fully trained technicians provide you with excellent and professional service.

At Germiclean, we believe in keeping our environment safe and also leaving a safe, clean and hygienic world for generations to come. Germiclean is committed to providing all its customers with environmentally safe & green cleaning & sanitizing services.
In our endeavour to keep our commitment, our practice includes:
1. Using environmentally safe sanitizing solvents/solutions
2. HEPA filtration vacuums bags (Certified to Meet H11 Filtration Standard per EN1822)
3. UVC technology
4. Preferred vendors that supply green/organic cleaning solutions
5. Microfiber cloths
6. Educating employees, customers, partners and people in general about the importance of using environmentally safe products and services.

Germiclean is the chosen sanitization contractor for many professionals, media & film personalities, business owners and hotels.
Apart from our residential clients, we have serviced and continue to service many offices, 5 star hotels, holiday homes, guesthouses etc.

  • It is 9.30 in the night and the child gets to his bed for the night. Hardly had he slept that the nose starts getting blocked. Soon he cannot breathe properly. The parents come to his rescue with a few nasal drops to clear the blockage. The child never gets better. They do this every day. They are now worried that the nasal blockage seems not to be going away. Thus, they seek medical assistance in a bid to deal with the problem for good.
    After closely examining the child and listening to the history, the doctor concludes that this is a case of dust mites. He advises the couple to get rid of the mattress after a year of use in order to keep the dust mites at bay. The parents are dumbstruck. They do not believe that there could be any dust mites at their home. They have never seen any crawling creatures on their child’s bed. The doctor goes on to explain that dust mites are microscopic creatures that cannot be seen by the human eyes. There could have been mites on the child’s bed that were causing the allergies and constant nose blockage.
    The family returns home. The parents resolve to unravel the mystery by researching and learning more about dust mites; at least for the sake of dealing with the son’s allergy issues. It is during the research that they learn some astounding facts about allergies around India. Dust mites are a big issue all over India. Many more are suffering just like their child.
    During the study, they learn the importance of sanitizing the mattress. Armed with information and facts, they decide to let others know about the dust mites and ways to deal with them. This was the birth of their dust mites’ awareness campaigns. They hoped to rid families of recurrent allergies caused by these microscopic creatures that most of them were not aware of their presence.

  • Vision
    1. To be the leader in providing hygienic, healthy and sanitized living environments.
    2. To take the lead in creating hygiene standards.

    Our goal is to provide high quality cleaning and sanitizing services across the spectrum, to residential, commercial and hospitality customers.

    Core Values
    The following three core values reflect the way we conduct our business:
    1. Integrity: We must conduct our business with complete honesty & fairness.
    2. Responsibility: We must be sensitive and responsible towards the community we work for, towards the environment we work in, as we believe that what you give to the nature it returns you back one day or other, one way or the other.
    3. Excellence: We must constantly improve our product, our people, our services to maintain highest possible standard in the work we do.