• Mattress & Sofa Sanitization

    Excellent service, cannot believe how much dust was there in bed and sofa's.

    Mattress & Sofa Sanitization
    Mr. Pratab Polkam
  • Home Cleaning

    The Team is very well organized and knew what to do. The roles were pre-decided so there was no confusion. Excellent work done of cleaning by the entire team. We liked the job very much.

    Home Cleaning
    Mr. Swapnil Mulekar
  • Mattress Sanitization

    Boys were very good and worked very well. This is a great service. I have told many people about it.

    Mattress Sanitization
    Dr. Rashna Batliboi
  • Home Cleaning

    Excellent work, I will definitely call again. Thank you

    Home Cleaning
    Parle Agro Pvt Ltd

Three technicians were thorough and efficient. Customer service manager is superb front person very patient and a great communication. Thank you.

[Service Type: Cleaning & Sanitization]

– Ms. Penelope Shrivastava (27-Aug-2018)

As usual very happy with the service. Phenomenal work & team would recommend to everyone.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Ms. Ayesha Soares (27-Aug-2018)


Excellent work. Great workers, did their work to perfection & did the cleaning very well.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitizing]

– Ms. Sanah Patkar (23-Aug-2018)


Team was very professional & efficient. They arrived on time. Cleaning was done systematically & effectively. Overall service was very good.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Mr. Ashutosh Dubhashi (08-Aug-2018)


Excellent Service, Prompt on time never a disappointment! Keep it up.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitizing]

– Ms. Rachita Berry (25-Jul-2018)


Very good and thorough. Your guys are really professional. Will take up this Service again.

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning]

– Ms. Wendy Wanniang (21-Jul-2018)


Arrived on time and completed all rooms one by one. Very efficient Staff. Thank for always giving super service. Very happy.

[Service Type: Chair Cleaning]

– Ms. Nilima Om Hemrajani (16-Jul-2018)


Thank you so much for shining our office. Very Good work & team. Thank you.

[Service Type: Office Cleaning]

– Yamini Films Entertainment (16-Jul-2018)


Great Service the boys was oriented, Meticulous, & work as though was their own service.

[Service Type: Cleaning &  Sanitizing]

– Mr. Dev Majmudar (05-Jul-2018)


Arrived on time, through cleaning. Good service.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitizing]

– Mrs. Yvonne Chan (12-Jun-2018)


Excellent service I could see the difference between the mattress that was and the one after cleaning. Excellent job.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitizing]

– Mr. Dwarika Prasad (19-May-2018)


Very good excellent team work thorough process well followed delivered job as promise keep it up.

[Service Type: Cleaning & Sanitizing]

– Mr. Gaurav Srivastava (13-May-2018)


Very good service we are regular getting it done from them. The staffs  is very good, they are good human and excellent job.

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning]

– Ms. Varsha Atha (08-May-2018)


The service provided by Germiclean is very impressive. The service provider did a very good job of cleaning the house every nook & corner.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Ms. Rhea Surana (07-Apr-2018)


Staffs were very nice and efficient. Would recommend Germiclean to others as well.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Ms. Shruti Roy (31-Mar-2018)


My bathroom smells fresh. Keep up the good work.

[Service Type: Washroom Cleaning]

– Ms. Shilpa Srivastava (23-Mar-2018)


Everything was done well. All work was done professionally and to a high standard. All the results were shown as proof of cleanliness.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

– Ms. Sherry Kohli (10-Mar-2018)


Amazing! Kind! Polite! Thorough! Exceeded expectations. Respectful, helpful, just plain wonderful. Very hard working & do their job as is it their own house. Would recommend them 1000%.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Ms. Shebani (09-Mar-2018)


They were sharp on time, highly appreciated. Thorough cleaning. Thank you. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

– Ms. Elouise Erlings (28-Feb-2018)


Happy with the service. Very punctual and well mannered staff. Thank You.

[Service Type: Cleaning & Sanitization]

– Mrs. Prerna Bansal (05-Feb-2018)


Punctual, well behaved, thorough servicemen.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

– Mr. Pratik Aditia (13-Jan-2018)


The team was very efficient and thorough in their job. Keep up the good work!!

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

– Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari (21-Dec-2017)


A good & clinical job. Thank You.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]

– Ms. Ayeshya Soares (30-Nov-2017)


Awesome job! Very professional , neat and punctual.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

– Mr. Francesco Cappoli (09-Nov-2017)


Germiclean has been a life saver for multiple years. They relieve me of my dust mite related allergy & help me get a peaceful sleep.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]

Mr. Arvind Parikh (28-Oct-2017)


Always very satisfied with the speed & professionalism of the staff. Thank you.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Suchitra Pillai (25-Oct-2017)


Excellent cleaning from top to bottom. Very dedicated boys. Thank you.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– M/s. Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. (16-Oct-2017)


Very very happy with the service. First time in India a perfect service.

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning]
– Ms. Meena Ramtri (29-Sep-2017)


Very professional service. Polite staff & extremely helpful. Will definitely call your team again.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization & Sofa Cleaning]
– Ms. Shruti Roy (24-Sep-2017)


Very good job, excellent work, will definitely use again and recommend to others.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Ms. Shakha Kotecha (16-Sep-2017)


Really like the cleaning service and the professional attitude of your entire team/boys that came to work. Extremely punctual. I am a customer for life. Thank you so much.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Ms. Simmi (20-Aug-2017)


Wonderful service, my sofa & bed are super clean now

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization & Sofa Cleaning]
– Mr. Amit Wadhwani (05-Aug-2017)


I like your work, very neat and clean. Thanks.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Mr. Prithvi Singh (23-Jul-2017)


Good will recommend to others. Appreciate a lot

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. Manjeet Singh Kochar (08-Jul-2017)


Good, your staffs are excellent. Looking back for the next service

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning]
– Mr. Jayasenan (24-Jun-2017)


I was very happy with the service. Professional and very good equipment for cleaning & cleaning products.

[Service Type: Mattress & Sofa Sanitization]
– Ms. Ananta Goyal (20-Jun-2017)


U guys have done a fab job, my in-laws are so happy with your job.

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Ms. Tanvi Bapna (24-May-2017)


On time, efficient working, job done quickly and thoroughly, polite & professional.

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning & Carpet Sanitization]
– Ms. Kaleroy Zervos (13-May-2017)


It was pleasure to have you guys. Final revert was very good & also we will recommend you whenever we will get chance.

[Service Type: Office Cleaning]
– Mr. Pranit Vanmali (Agoda) (26-Apr-2017)


Service was good, stuff is also good. They were on time also they co operate with us.

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. Ramesh Krishnan (07-Apr-2017)


I am always happy with your service. The team was very good, very polite and efficient. The job was really well done.

[Service Type: Kitchen & Washroom Cleaning]
– Ms. Ayeshya Soares (08-Mar-2017)


First time taken services from Germiclean and we are quite impressed. Boys are also good & hardworking. Listening to us properly and cleaning the things. Good staff. 

[Service Type: Mattress & Sofa Sanitization]
– Mr. Prasad Dhulkhed (05-Mar-2017)


Your Staff is great. They come and work quietly. No hassle, no looking around. I am impressed with Pratish and your staff training skills. Great. Keep it up. 

[Service Type: Mattress & Sofa Sanitization]
– Ms. Smita Vichare (25-Feb-2017)


I was very happy with the service provided. It was a professional well done job. The team was very punctual too. Special mention for the team leader who was very efficient and accommodating. 

[Service Type: Wall Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning]
– Ms. Debarati Paul (22-Feb-2017)


Good Service will use again. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. Rajiv Singh (07-Feb-2017)


They had done an excellent job. Did very thorough job. Thank you

[Service Type: Chair Cleaning and Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Aarti  Mhatre (09-Jan-2017)


Very good, efficient and polite team, highly recommended. 

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning & Sanitization and Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. Suntook Singh-Khandala (25-Dec-2016)


The technicians were very good and completed all the work within the stipulated timelines. 

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Mr. Ranvir Singh (18-Dec-2016)


Excellent work done. Cordial Staff, Extremely well mannered, Excellent Service Thanks. 

[Service Type: Kitchen Cleaning]
– Ms. Lalitha (08-Dec-2016)


Excellent service , great demo to show before & after effects. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Ayshwarya (26-Nov-2016)


Good Work, satisfied with work. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Tripti Mittal (05-Nov-2016)


They have done an excellent work. We are very happy will call Germiclean guys again. 

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning & Sanitization]
– Ms. Urvashi Anand (24-Oct-2016)


Efficient and fast , well organized. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Pooja (12-Oct-2016)


Very good service, very professional and cordial. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Ahhila Devarajan (05-Oct-2016)


The Sofa looks amazingly clean, mattress too. Impressed with the professionalism  of the staff. 

[Service Type: Sofa Cleaning & Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Rachana Chowla (30-Sep-2016) 


Great Service, I wish this service is more known to all households. A little awareness can help families battling allergies. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. Prakash (01-Sep-2016)


Absolutely excellent job extremely satisfied and will not only use again but also highly recommend. 

[Service Type: Home Cleaning]
– Ms. Payal (23-Aug-2016)


Amazing job, the Germiclean staff was so helpful and paid attention to even the tiniest details in my apartment. 

[Service Type: Home Cleaning & Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Evelyn Marolf (10-Aug-2016)


Good work done, people are courteous and know their work. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Mr. PVR Murthy (07-Aug-2016)


Excellent service. Very happy and satisfied. Thank you. 

[Service Type: Mattress Sanitization]
– Ms. Trushna Patel (23-Jul-2016)


Very good service from the team, they came on time and are very good at their work. Keep it up.
– Mr. Gaurav Heble (20-Jul-2016)


Excellent service. Demo provided and all information given.
– Mr. Feroz (12-Jul-2016)


Very professional service. Very well mannered and polite staff. Thank you and Good luck.
– Ms. Alpika Singh (22-Jun-2016)


Thank you very much for sending in two teams. The job was done efficiently and quickly.
– Ms. Chandrika Bhat (11-Jun-2016)


The technicians were fast and efficient. Very happy with customer service over all, including office. The before and after was shocking. Will definitely take a contract next time.
– Ms. Monideep Bhattcharya (17-May-2016)


Very punctual….Thorough professional- very polite. Truly happy
– Ms. Avini (27-Apr-2016)


Great to have such wonderful & friendly working people. Wish them all the best for future
– Mr. Ali (13-Apr-2016)


Very good service, courteous, helpful & efficient people on site as well as in the office. Will surely use again & recommend to friends.
– Ms. Shalini Mayank Mehta (02-Apr-2016)


Very professional team, my mattresses look & feel absolutely clean & dust free. Will definitely order this service again.
– Ms. Shalini Parthak (30-Mar-2016)


Thanks so much. Once more I am very satisfied by your service.
– Ms. Rachna Batliboi (22-Mar-2016)


The boys were courteous and got straight to work. No pointing out stains or any area that they might have missed was required. Diligent workers and eager to please with a good job. Thank you.
– Ms. Neha (02-Mar-2016)


Very helpful and hygienic, made lots of difference. Men are very systematic and perfect at their work
– Ms. Shweta Dhanak (16-Feb-2016)


The work done was really commendable. The service men worked in a dedicated and tidy manner. Very professional.
– Mr. Feroz Kazi (01-Feb-2016)


Very courteous and quite boys. Also very efficient. Overall happy with them
– Mr. Nilesh Parekh (01-Jan-2016)


Very good service, came right on time and explained the whole process very clearly. Thank you.
– Mr. Hoshner Kapadia (22-Dec-2015)


Very impressed with the professional approach to cleaning and sanitization. Very good job and highly recommended.
– Mr. Sunil Miranda (15-Dec-2015)


There was no electricity when they came, but they waited patiently and started their work after current came. But they did not hurry, finished their job to our full satisfaction.
– Mr. Vishwanathan (15-Dec-2015)


Thank you, the team is very efficient & professional. All the equipment and the spray used are of good quality. We liked the way it was carried out. Excellent.
– Ms. Forum Kapoor (07-Dec-2015)


Very well managed and efficient staff, very satisfied.
– Ms. Freya Bamji (18-Nov-2015)


Very Good Service professional & thorough.
– Ms. Ayeshya Soares (04-Nov-2015)


Thank you so much, really happy with the service. Shocking to see that we are sleeping on so much dust.
– Ms. Monica (27-Oct-2015)


Fabulous service as always and as expected, I am a very happy customer.
– Ms. Ritu Gorai (16-Oct-2015)


Diligent and sincere technicians. Happy with the service. Procedure & details were explained politely and work was finished on time. Good job. Work place was cleaned up tidily before leaving too.
– Ms. Malika Jain (21-Sep-2015)


Boys have done a great job. Like the manner in which they cleaned all items in a timely & efficient manner. Great Job Germiclean!!.
– Mr. Neeraj Goswamy (12-Sep-2015)


Very good cleaning, sufficient time given on each item.
– Mrs. Nilesh Pillay (08-Aug-2015)


Very happy with the service. Boys are diligent and hard working.
– Dr. Sonal H (20-Jul-2015)


The Team is very well organized and knew what to do. The roles were pre-decided so there was no confusion. Excellent work done of cleaning by the entire team. We liked the job very much.
– Mr. Swapnil Mulekar (30-Jun-2015)


Good Service, Happy with the sanitization part. Keep it up.
– Ms. Anu Priya (22-Jun-2015)


Service is good, they come on time and do everything very nicely. Showed the demo after all the process got over.
– Mr. Shailesh (30-May-2015)


Good and Punctual work done, keep up the clean and hygienic job.
– Mr. Sameer Shenoy (27-May-2015)


Very courteous & well mannered staff. Very good experience. Thank you.
– Ms. Smriti Subramanian (23-Apr-2015)


Very professional service. Overall experience excellent.
– Ms. Meenal Pednekar (14-Apr-2015)


First time with this company. Efficient and quick service.
– Ms. Sonal Bhattacharya (25-Mar-2015)


Excellent Work would recommend my friends and colleges.
– Mr. Sameet Chaudhary (03-Mar-2015)


Cleaning done very well by boys. Every corner of the mattress and sofa cleaned well.
– Ms. Caroline (24-Feb-2015)


Boys took great care while dissemble and reassemble. Looks neat. Very satisfied with the jobs.
– Ms. Shilpa Srivastava (21-Feb-2015)


Service has cleaned our sofa as if they were new, nice work.
– Mr. Amol Sankhey (31-Jan-2015)


Thank You! Great teams and great cleaning. Very courteous and never got tired of answering questions.
– Ms. Mansi Kothari (30-Jan-2015)


It’s the first time. Looks good. Effort put in by the team to clean up the kitchen is appreciable.
– Mr. Manik Nagia (25-Jan-2015)


Arrived on time as per appointment, worked at a good pace, kept client informed regarding process.
– Ms. Hemrajani (16-Jan-2015)


Good. Heard a lot about you guys so contacted you. Hygienic Staff.
– Ms. Prena Jaddwani (26-Dec-2014)


Damn good work, religiously done.
– Mr. Yezdi Irani (17-Sep-2014)


Good service. Appreciated when service executive has shown the dust sample after cleaning.
– Mr. Vikram Mohan (16-Sep-2014)


Thank you for the service today. I found your staff friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
I appreciate the care they took in doing their work and helping me understanding your process.
– Ms. Jill Majeski (11-Sep-2014)


Very punctual and professionally managed services. Amazing technology used for deep cleaning & sanitization.
– Ms. Priya Kekre (11-Sep-2014)


Very honest & detailed work done, happy with the service. I will sleep peaceful without sneezing tonight due to wonderful sanitization done.
– Mr. Arvind Tiwari (01-Sep-2014)


Staffs were very thorough and took their job seriously will definitely use the service again.
– Mr. Anant Pandit (21-Aug-2014)


Happy with the job done, the gentlemen were excellent and efficient.
– Ms. Alice Pollard (11-Aug-2014)


Very impressed by the job, will call back again.
– Mr. Karnik (05-Aug-2014)


As usual excellent service.
– Ms. Sheena (17-Jul-2014)


Good work, price is high. Will recommend to all my colleagues to hire your service.
– Mr. Vinay Salva (16-Jul-2014)


Very Good service as earlier, hence taken the annual again, Thank you.
– Ms. Rashmi Malusare (02-Jul-2014)


Good job done , happy with the work and the boys were good at their work, will recommend others too, Excellent very satisfied.
– Ms. Kajal (25-Jun-2014)


Prompt service and well co-ordinated job. Well done.
– Mr. Mangesh Bedarkar (13-Jun-2014)


The technicians were extremely courteous and did a thorough cleaning.
– Ms. Rachna (11-Jun-2014)


Good Job hence took the renewal.
– Ms. Shweta (08-May-2014)


Hardworking people came on time and the work was good.
– Mrs. Anita (02-May-2014)


Good job done, happy and will recommend the same to my friends.
– Ms. Asheeta (10-Apr-2014)


Good Service, satisfied with the sanitization and cleaning job.
– Ms. Bhavita (04-Apr-2014)


Excellent and boys were good & neat.
– Mr. Anupam Pareek (23-Mar-2014)


Always received very good services from your staff. They are very efficient & co-operative.
– Ms. Sonia Motwani (15-Mar-2014)


Very good, very thorough. They take their time without wasting any what so ever.
– Mr. Azim Barodawalla (07-Mar-2014)


Very good service very thorough.
– Ms. Sandhya (22-Feb-2014)


Fantastic Job! What machines to clean & sanitize the sofas, mattress. Excellent staff, very professional and the best part is when they leave they see that things are kept back in place and no dust left.
– Mr. Anup (15-Feb-2014)


I am very happy with the service.
– Ms. Karishma Choksi (28-Jan-2014)


Done Good Job, we are very happy and thank you.
– Ms. Chandrika Bhatt (25-Jan-2014)


Excellent service, keep up the good job.
– Mr. Nayak (24-Jan-2014)


Excellent job. Done very well. Will use again. Will Recommend Thanks.
– Mr. Nitin (23-Jan-2014)


Excellent service, very comprehensive.
– Ms. Varuna Saxena (05-Jan-2014)


Excellent Service……Very well mannered staff. Very happy.
– Ms. Puneeta Bohra (28-Dec-2013)


The service was excellent. Your team arrived ahead of time & that was much appreciated! I will definitely recommend your company with high praise.
– Ms. Vimi (27-Dec-2013)


Was very happy with the service. Will be happy to recommend it to others and definitely use it myself again.
– Ms. Veena (26-Dec-2013)


Very good services. Professionally done. Behaviour of technician was very good
– Mr. Mazumdar (22-Dec-2013)


Service was as good as before.
– Ms. Mona Hinduja (20-Dec-2013)


Very good staff & effective cleaning done. Have renewed the service. Keep it up.!!
– Mr. Neeraj (20-Dec-2013)


Very good service and people are very respectful and efficient. Thank you for all the help.
– Ms. Janhavi Salvi(14-Dec-2013)


I want to convey my thanks to you and the team at Germiclean. I have been using your service since 2010 and I am pleased at every service. Thank you for being courteous, professional and completely honest.
– Gaurav Seth
Director (Public Ltd Co.)


2 smiling people entered my house to clean my beds of possible dirt and hidden germs. I love a clean house and take great care of my home. So I was horrified when they did a small patch. The 2 ever smiling men took great care in the work they did. Funny as it may sound. I felt I slept on a lighter bed that night.
– Ms.Shiana
(Marketing Professional)


Very professional job done and staff came right on time as scheduled . Mattress feels fresh and healthy. I think this is something everyone must get done every 6 months to ensure hygiene and good health.
– Ms. Achla Sachdev
(Fashion Choreographer)


I just wanted to send a thank you mail to you with regards to the service that you gave the other day. First you reminded on time for the treatment and then you were very patient when we postponed the treatment, I don’t know how many times. And then I was really shocked to see the results. The amount of germs in the mattress is big cause of concern for us. Hence I am sure we will ensure that this time the treatment is done on time. Thanks again for your patience and the services. Bye
– Tanmaya Singh
(Zonal Sales Manager – Reliance Life Insurance Ltd.)


The Germiclean team explained me how dust mites can lead to serious health issues. Thanks to Germiclean, I don’t have to worry about my children getting these diseases now.
– Chinki Balani


The Germiclean team showed me what they had extracted from my mattresses. I was shocked to see the amount of dust and waste. It was as if we were sleeping on a pile of dust. Thank you Germiclean for making my mattresses hygienic and super clean.
– Seemant Shukla
Head – Retail Sales
Edelweiss Asset Management Company


Germiclean is a good and effective concept of keeping the mattress and upholstery dust and germ free. I am very happy with their services. The staffs are very efficient and punctual and their equipments are of high quality performance.
– Name withheld on request


The service was prompt and good though we need time to assess how effective it is. The workers were tidy and methodical
– Ms. Sheela Bhogilal