Customer First

For us, customers are our lifetime partners, to whom we are delivering quality service consistently since 2010. Customer are always the central part of our thought process. Growth & improvement is continual process thus we strive to keep on improving our services in tune with your feedback.

Organic Cleaning Solutions.

We score 95%+ in punctuality whether its reaching on time or even finishing the job on time. All our processes are structured to enable our teams execute the task in defined time-lines.

Organic Cleaning Solutions.
Trained & Professional Staff

Our employees are trained to handle international equipment and material. These technicians provide you with excellent and professional service. Apart from their job training, our staff also undergoes training for grooming, soft skills and personal hygiene to be maintained at the work site.

Organic Cleaning Solutions.
International Services

Close to 7 years back we introduced mattress sanitization concept in India and since past we are also offering high standard of steam cleaning service for households and offices.

Organic Cleaning Solutions.
Only Organic Solutions

NO USE OF CHEMICAL in any of our services is a commitment to ourselves. We are continuously following this from the very beginning. At Germiclean, we believe in keeping our environment safe and also leaving a safe, clean and hygienic world for generations to come.

Organic Cleaning Solutions.
Permanent Employee

Considering the standards of job quality we maintain it is prudent to have employees on our roll. Therefore, all our technicians are on our roll and most of them are since the time they joined.

Here’s what Germiclean customers have to say
  • “There was no electricity when they came, but they waited patiently and started their work after current came. But they did not hurry, finished their job to our full satisfaction.”
    Mr. Vishwanathan – 15-December-2015
  • “The Team is very well organized and knew what to do. The roles were pre-decided so there was no confusion. Excellent work done of cleaning by the entire team. We liked the job very much.”
    Mr. Swapnil Mulekar – 30-June-2015
  • “Fantastic Job! What machines to clean & sanitize the sofas, mattress. Excellent staff, very professional and the best part is when they leave they see that things are kept back in place and no dust left.”
    Mr. Anup – 15-February-2014
  • “2 smiling people entered my house to clean my beds of possible dirt and hidden germs. I love a clean house and take great care of my home. So I was horrified when they did a small patch. The 2 ever smiling men took great care in the work they did. Funny as it may sound, I felt I slept on a lighter bed that night.”
    Ms. Shiana – October-2011
  • “Very professional job done and staff came right on time as scheduled . Mattress feels fresh and healthy. I think this is something everyone must get done every 6 months to ensure hygiene and good health.”
    Ms. Achla Sachdev – October-2010